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Natural environment and biodiversity

We specialise in working in the natural environment and biodiversity conservation, marine and coastal environment, sustainable development and ecosystem services.

Our services include:

Biodiversity project development and implementation
  • Project planning including liaison with project partners and preparation of written plans
  • Formative and summative evaluation of projects for improved project outcomes
Desk research and survey interviews
  • Review of information on biodiversity related topics
  • Survey questionnaires and interviews relating to people and the environment
Publications and interpretation
  • Preparation of text for booklets, leaflets and interpretive materials
  • Editing and copy-editing of written material
Partnership working and stakeholder engagement
  • Facilitated workshops for sharing ideas, direction setting and decision making

Facts and Figures

Americans use approximately 380 billion plastic bags per year, which averages out to almost 1,200 bags per person.

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